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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BBSP for the entire MLB 2006

To respond to the comment made to the last post, "is it possible to create the graphs for the entire league for a year? ... ...", I have created a BBSP for the entire MLB 2006 season.

Here's the plot (in pdf format).

There were 2429 games. (Each game is counted twice; once for "us" and for "opponent")
Home games (2429 of them) are highlighted.
Home teams were 1327 - 1102 (0.546).
The marginal plots on the top and on the left are exactly the same shape as they should.
The blue marginal plot on the top is the score distribution of the Home team, and the blue marginal on the left is of the Away team.
Home teams scored 20 twice (6/20 White Sox vs Cardinals, 9/18 Rockies vs Giants).

Here's the plot (in pdf format) without the details (w/o inside dots).

The MLB games are fairly competitive; one-run-games are very common. If you count the dots you will find that the most frequent scores were:
4-3 (123 times),
5-4 (105 times),
3-2 (101 times),
6-5 (97 times),
2-1 (78 times),
5-3 (77 times),
4-2 (76 times),
6-3 (76 times).