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Friday, July 27, 2007

Known Issues

Here are the known issues that our team is working on right now:

Altoona Mountain City (1884) doesn't plot. I think that the issue is they didn't play any game on Sunday.

Many teams in 50's or before: Pitcher with Decision split acts funny. So does Opponent Pitcher with Decision split. Example: Pittsburgh Pirates 1950 and Pitcher with Decision.

I found out what the problem is. Retrosheet doesn't have data for "losing pitcher" for the old days (pre 1950?). So when the games are split based on "Pitcher with Decision", you'll notice that nobody has any losses. That's because nobody is in the "losing pitcher" column. At least the number of wins seems to be counted correctly.

"Opponent Pitcher with Decison" is not missing only if the (opponent) pitcher is the winning pitcher, so again with this split, only the wins, for the opponent pitcher (thus losses for the Pirates), appear.

We need a rational way to address this issue.

Ties don't appear in the record. Well, it's because I assumed that there is no tie game in MLB when I wrote the original code. I should have taken a history lesson.

Downloading a pdf file seems to be a problem with Firefox. I thought we have fixed this... Fixed!

If you find anything else, please let us know via comments.


Jeffrey said...

The PDF problem has been fixed.

beetama74 said...

Fixed. Thanks Jeff.